Signs You Need a New Website

It's probably time for a website redesign.

There are many indicators that your company may need a website overhaul. Some indicators are more important than orders. In a digital marketing perspective, these are considered the most important.

It takes forever for your website to load

Page loading speed is crucial. Nobody wants to wait for their website to load for longer than a few seconds. Slow websites can cause buyers to lose interest in you business. They will simply go to the competitor’s site instead. Google also looks at page speed. Google can rank your website in search results very negatively if it is slow.

Google began using site speed in their algorithm in 2010 as a ranking signal. Google increased the importance of page speeds by using mobile page speed in their algorithm to rank results for mobile searches. Google recently announced in May 2020 that a new update would be available sometime in 2021. This update will allow users to judge web pages on the basis of their page experience. The page experience includes a variety of factors, including mobile friendliness and HTTPS security.
Google PageSpeed Insights Scans

Google Core Web Vitals will be looking for websites that have the Largest Contentful Painting (LCP) within 2.5 seconds and First Input Delayed (FID) less than 100 milliseconds. To check if your site is speedy, you can run it through Google’s PageSpeed Insights. You should redesign your website before the 2021 update.

Your website is not available

We have written a lot of blogs about the importance of making your website WCAG-compliant. A website that is “accessible” simply means it can be read and used by screen readers. The World Wide Web Consortium’s WCAG 2.1 guidelines provide more information about accessibility guidelines for websites.
A WCAG accessible website can make your website easier to use for people with disabilities. This could also help to prevent you from being sued. A growing number of lawsuits have resulted in businesses being sued under the American’s with Disabilities Act since a 2017 landmark case. This is because their websites don’t meet the strict WCAG accessibility requirements. These lawsuits can be very costly.
WebAIM can help you determine if your website has accessibility issues. WebAIM is a free tool that will provide a baseline for your website’s accessibility. However, it won’t catch every ADA compliance issue. Functional testing is required in order to conduct a comprehensive ADA check. If you need assistance with accessibility review of your website, our team of programmers is here to assist!

Your website is not mobile-optimized

Smartphones won’t disappear anytime soon. Many people spend more time online with their smartphones than ever before.
Businesses need a website that is compatible with every device. A responsive website is the solution. Because the website automatically adapts to the size of different screens, a responsive website can be used on smartphones, tablets, desktops and other devices. Mannix Marketing is well-known for creating responsive websites.
Mannix Marketing- Eddy Senior Living Communities Website design- Summit Creative Award Winner
Eddy Senior Living Communities’ website has been awarded an award for responsive design. It is designed to be accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop computers.

The bounce rate is extremely high

The bounce rate of your website (which can be found in your Google Analytics reports), is the percentage that visits your site and leave without visiting any other pages.
A bounce rate of 40-50% is considered to be a good bounce rate. This means that between 50-60% people visit your site and stay on the site. There are many factors that can be used to determine what constitutes a good bounce rate. For example, your homepage versus a blog article. Our goal when redesigning your site is to decrease the bounce rate.

You don’t get enough calls or inquiries

Are your phones ringing less frequently? Do you notice a decline in inquiries, sales, or submissions to your website?
Your website might be getting lots of traffic but if it’s not producing steady leads or sales, then there may be a problem with converting visitors into leads, guests or customers. Our goal in website redesign is to improve conversions.
Is it possible to not track conversions on your website? This is a problem by itself. Mannix Marketing websites are designed with conversion tracking in mind. This allows you to track how many leads you get and where they come from.

It’s time for a rebrand

Have you had your company rebrand since the last website redesign? Have you changed your logo or color scheme?
Your website communicates your brand personality and brand identity to potential customers. You must ensure that your brand identity is not being “stolen”, either by bad or simply outdated design.

Simple website edits can be too costly

No longer are you required to have a degree or advanced HTML skills in order to add a page to your website. Content Management Systems make it easy for anyone to manage their website, add pages, copy and photos.
Mannix Marketing builds websites for businesses using WordPress Content Management System. This allows business owners, marketers and other employees to quickly and easily add pages, photos and text copy to the website.
Example of WordPress Content Management System
Example of adding a page to a WordPress Content Management System website

Google searches are not showing your site in results

Yikes! This is a huge problem. This is a big one.
Although there are many factors that go into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even the most basic components can make a significant difference in how your website ranks in search engines. This will help you bring more searchers to the site.

Your last website redesign was years ago

We recommend that websites be redesigned every 4 to 6 years for most businesses. While web design trends change, many important, long-lasting changes can be made to your website in just a few short years.

Home page sliders (a.k.a. Slideshows were once very popular. Companies discovered that loading large images on a website could slow down site load speeds and negatively impact user experience. This led to many companies looking for alternative website sliders (slideshows).


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