How to Create a Blog

Creating a blog doesn't have to be complicated

I've made this easy for you in this simple step-by-step guide.

I will guide you through obtaining a hosting account and domain. Then we will set up the WordPress platform on the hosting server after we will apply the theme and look of your site. Lastly, we will create and post your first blog.

Let's get started!

First, we need to signup for a hosting provider

Without getting too technical, think of a hosting provider as a service that gives your website a home. This new home is created on a server that is connected to the internet and can be visited by anyone online.

My two recommendations for hosting are and Kinsta. is a premium cloud hosting platform with UltraFast speeds. You can also easily upgrade your plan for more websites and features.

Kinsta is also a premium cloud hosting platform built in the cloud.

Bluehost is a shared hosting provider for those on a budget. The hosting speeds are significantly slower than and Kinsta, but for those willing to sacrifice speed and performance over cost, then Bluehost will do.

Tip: Your web hosting provider and site speed can greatly affect the success of your website. I highly recommend upgrading to a premium and fast hosting provider such as

For more information on the importance of a fast web hosting provider, check out this post:

To get started with UltraFast Cloud Hosting, visit to sign up for their hosting package.

  1. Select the hosting plan that works for you. Most people who want to create 2 WordPress sites choose the Pro Cloud hosting plan. If you only need one site, select the Starter Cloud plan.
  2. Enter the new domain name you would like to register, transfer your existing domain name, or use your existing domain name and link it yourself later.
  3. Select monthly or annual payments and add any additional features you would like to add.
  4. Complete checkout
  5. Check your email to access your new portal.
  6. Access your cPanel and install WordPress.
  7. Choose your theme and start designing your site.
  8. On your WordPress dashboard, select Posts and create a new post.
    Once you've completed your post, click Publish Post.

Congrats, you just created your blog website! Make sure to make your page visible by publishing your website. Start sharing your website address with your audience and social media profiles.

Happy blogging.



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